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First Contact Edit

A sangheili lead exercise to patrol systems of potential interest of the Dominion for which the Alliance had no oversight of encountered the world to be later known as Mhajora, the home of the Bajo. In 2620 the Bajo are between tier 6(Industrial age) and tier 5(Nuclear age), the species and the homeworld is largely divided among Provinces which overal get along peacefully with the exception of extremist lead conflicts. A proto-global-government meets to discuss matters of global concern and orders to maintain peace among the species.

When encountered by the Sangheili it was first proposed that the system be blockaded and occupied on the outer reaches to ensure the Dominion don't enslave the species to be militarized against the Alliance. A council meeting which concluded with the xXominum proposing the species be uplifted into the alliance as a protectorate and guided down a path to eventually join the alliance aagainst the Sangheili who proposed to avoid intervening with the species development. The Concord of Humanity elected to have the situation brought to the senate level for a more inclusive decision on how to treat less advanced civilizations. The senate eventually ruled to actively protect the species and have them aware of their inclusion within the alliance as a Protectorate however technology would not be exchanged with the species and only minimal guidance to the global government would be accessible to the Bajo.

Provincial leaders of the Bajo met in secret with the Orion Alliance and the compact was established to have the Bajo exist as a protectorate under the Alliance. The Bajo chose to keep the relation with the Alliance a secret to avoid mass hysteria and possible opposition to the Alliance. Like all Protectorates, the eventual evolution of the Bajo will include the incorporation into the Milky Way Alliance as an Embassy and/or Senate species.

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