Strike at Monassas

Assault on New York




December 17, 2551


Earth, Sol System


UNSC Victory


United Nations Space Command

True Patriots

  • Colonel Sam Cutter
  • Commander Jon-B150†
  • Lieutenant Commander Lauren-A094
  • Major George McNab
  • Captain James Sanderson


UNSC Air Force

  • 10 Air Assets
  • 25 vehicles (Improvised civilian cars, trucks, etc)

200 armed civilians

  • SPARTAN-A094
  • 7 UH-144 Falcon's
  • 25 vehicles destroyed
  • 70 Insurrectionists wounded
  • 130 Insurrectionists captured

The Assault on New York (AKA Operation: STRENTHENED SWORD) was the Unified Earth Government's military response to the sudden rising of a terrorist/insurrectionist group known as the True Patriots. Spanning 4 days, it was the shortest quelling of Insurrectionist activity to date.


Beginning on the 14th of December, Operation: STRENGTHENED SWORD was intended to keep a known Insurrectionist group, known as the True Patriots, in line. However, this changed on the 14th, where a coordinated attack against Wall Street destroyed the outer layer of the building due to multiple VBIED's. Considering their options, the UNSC deployed Phoenix Team to quell the insurrectionist activity and maintain order in the streets.

At first, the aggressive response was working, until an attack was orchestrated against Phoenix Team itself by eliminating it's Commander, Jon-B150. This was a failure, as it did not stop Phoenix from quelling the resistance.


14th of DecemberEdit

Insurrectionist forces detonate several Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices strategically placed around Wall Street. Civilian casualties reach into the hundreds. The Unified Earth Government requests an aggressive response, in which Colonel Cutter suggests deploying Phoenix Team.

15th of DecemberEdit

Phoenix Team deployed to New York. Curfew times are enforced and street patrols are happening around the clock.

16th of DecemberEdit

ONI Agent Captain James Sanderson (working for the True Patriots) assassinates Jon. An aggressive rebuttal is enforced on the city, and Phoenix mourns for a short time, before returning to work. Using communication jammers, they locate the headquarters of the True Patriots.

17th of DecemberEdit

Operation: STRENGTHENED SWORD is put into full play as an all out assault against the True Patriots by Phoenix Team is orchestrated. The Patriots receive 70 wounded, and 130 detained as a result. Major George McNab and Captain James Sanderson are arrested, and placed in a Maximum Force Security Prison.

With the UEG satisfied that the Insurgency has been quelled, Phoenix is free to return to Reach. A burial at sea is planned for Jon.