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Ashley James
Reach 9141409 Medium
Biographical information

Full name:

Ashley James




February 5th, 2533


August 17th, 2552







Hair color:


Eye color:


Political and military information





Service number:



"Tell the guys back home I wont be coming home....."

-Ashley's final words before sacrificing herself to save her team.

Corpral Ashley James, is a battle hardened soldier in the UNSC that has seen combat in only Reach.

Early LifeEdit

As a child, Ashley always dreamed of becoming a soldier for the UNSC Army. Seeing that her mother was a medic in the Army, she wanted to join. At about the age of 17, she enlisted in the UNSC Army. She passed vigorus tests including obstacle courses, and combat training. She later praticipated in The Fall of Reach as well as Operation: Riptide. She also served with Fireteam Echo.

Fall of ReachEdit

During the fall of reach, Ashley was put in charge of Fireteam Echo. There, she lead the 15 brave soldiers into combat against the covenant empire. She would later be involved in her final mission, Operation: RIPTIDE.

"Its been a real honor serving wiith you Ash..."

-Emma O'Neil to Ashley before she detonated the bomb

Operation: RIPTIDEEdit

On August 17th, 2552, Ashley lead Fireteam Echo on a mission to invade a Corvett Class Crusier. Upon entering, they encountered heavy covenant resistance. she lost 6 of her troops at the start. As they proceeded to clear the bridge, Ashley was wounded by an Elite Zealot's Energy sword. Bleeding out and severley wounded, Ashley countinued on with the mission losing 4 more men. As they approached the power core, the bomb had malfunctioned.  Risking her own life, Ashley stayed until all her commrades were out. As more covenant troops were ariving, Ashley detonated the bomb.

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