Spartan alice 288
Biographical information

Full name:

Alice Susan






In armor: 6.10ft Out armor: 6.9ft

Hair color:

Blue (hair dye)

Eye color:


Political and military information

Spartan tag:



Lieutenant Commander

"Don't worry Rex, I got your back. Just don't go swimming again."
—Alice-A288 to Rex-A048 after pulling him out of ice cold water. Sidewinder.

Alice-A288 born Alice Susan was part of Team Romeo/Juliet a close friend of Robert-A037 who picked her to be his second in command her call sign was Juliet-2.


When Alice and 200 other people some from different planets arrived at Camp Currahee on Onyx, she pointed out she had breathing issues, but like the rest she had to do the runs. She teamed up with Robert and Denter for the runs hoping they would help her if she needed it, during one of the runs she twisted her leg and couldn't go on, Robert walked over to Alice and crouched down and told her. "Here. We'll carry you the rest of the way." Alice didn't know what to say and climbed onto Robert's back and was carried the rest of the way, Robert and Denter toke it in turns to carry Alice, Robet would carry her for 3 miles then Denter would carry her 3 miles. They finished last and got no supper, Robert didn't seem to care, he would have given some to Alice, she needed it more then him.

Weapon moddingEdit

"Thanks Alice, your a real friend."
—Denter-A044, after Alice improved the zoom in her DMR.

Alice loved modding the teams weapons.

  1. Her M6G-Magnum. Increased clip size to 13 rounds.
  2. Romeo-3's SRS99-Sniper Rifle. The stand, made it more accurate.
  3. Juliet-4's M392 DMR. Increased scope from a x3 times zoom to a x5 times zoom.
  4. Old Juliet-6's MA37 Assault Rifle's front grip. Increased handling.


"James, theirs something you need to kn-"
—Alice-A288's last words. August 23, 2552.

Alice was killed on Reach by a Jackal with a Focus Rifle. By the time of her death she blamed herself for what happened to Linda-A179's left hand. It was unknown what she was about to say. After her death Robert went all silent and nearly got himself killed, he later told Denter "With Alice gone...... I don't know if I can carry on, she was my moral boaster." which showed Robert didn't just care for her, she was the main reasion he kpet on fighting when some Spartans would fall back.


  • To recreate Alice-A288 in Halo: Reach you need to have the rank of Captain, have a Base Air Assault helmet, FJ/PARA shoulder pads on both arms, Default Chest Piece, no Wrist, TACTICAL/HARD CASE Utility, Blue visor color, GUNGNIR knee guards, have primary and secondary armor color to Cyan for the emblem; Silver Delta Wing, Gold top Delta and Cyan bottom Delta.
  • In Halo: The Fall of Team Romeo/Juliet during one level in Robert's campaign she is seen ordering other members of the team about, even though she says before the first real level "I don't like giving orders."

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