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42071 Afflicted Capacitance has an uncanny resemblance to a miniaturized forerunner cryptum.

  "My instalation was kept secret from.. possibly all forerunners. It would have made little difference I fear, the defensive capabilities of installation of A would have hardly been able to combat the flood at its peak and was not completed until that point. Now however, now instalation A may be very useful to the reclaimers, but the forerunners must give permission for this installations passing over. My creators must be located." -42071 regarding whether or not to allow humanity access to the installation. 

42071 Afflicted Capacitance
Biographical information


42071 Afflicted Capacitance


Installation A / Sarcophagus

Began Service:

100,000 BC


Male programming


Black with orange luminescence

Political and military information




Sarcophagus/Installation A Edit

ME3 Citadel

The installation was usually enclosed making a long cylindrical capsule housing the trillions of sentinels.

Installation A was built in secret by the Ecumene order of Intelligences. The installation was a military sentinal complex that stored, built, and organized the Sarcophagus Class Sentinals. The installation was entirely run by artifical intelligence 42071 Afflicted Capacitance.  It remains largely unknown why the installation was kept secret and why it was constructed to begin with. It is possible the Builder class was planning on obsorbing the worrior servent class and controlling the forerunner military forces from here. 

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Installation A is usually in a clsoed position which earned it its name by discoverers who thought the installation resembled a massive sarcophagus.

Sarcophagus Class SentinalEdit

Halo tGotA Monitor by Capestranus

The extremely powerful sentinels could easily swarm and destroy large capital ships with ease.

The Sarcophagus Class Sential was designed for offensive capabilities rather than installation defense. The Sentinals high powered laser weaponry included three highly powerful lasers that could be focussed into one massive beam. The Sarcophagus class sentinals serve 42071 Afflicted Capacitance. 

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